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Rey Ecom Ops is a 360° eCommerce service provider established in 2017. We’ve served more than 500 clients globally. Our Dedicated and experienced Virtual assistants help you scale up your eCommerce Business virtually with the smooth and best possible method. We, at Rey Ecom Ops Pvt Ltd. (REOPL), pool our virtual assistant resources to provide you with our world-class services for handling your e-commerce operations. Our experienced team of VAs efficiently manages your e-commerce business on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Overstock, Houzz, Wayfair, The Home Depot and many more.  We offer a variety of business activities and virtual assistant services. Rey Ecom Ops Pvt Ltd works on three key factors to provide you world’s best services transparency, affordability and flexibility.  

No Monthly Fee

No fee or extra charges are levied for any kind of additional e-services. We provide low cost multi-channel eCommerce solutions that allow sellers to give shoppers the best prices possible.

No Contract

We are adept at whatever we do, but not flawless. We comprehend this, and thus we don't ask you to sign an agreement. Try us out and in case you don't find us right, we won't compel you to remain with us.

Client Satisfaction

We don't simply boast, we back it up. We can guarantee you that our administration will never disappoint you. Our primary concentration is 100% fulfilment towards the work and with positive attitude.



There are plenty of resources on building ecommerce businesses that focus on the frontend customer experience, driving marketing and conversions. However, there are rarely discussions around the operational side of the business. That’s a shame because, a streamlined backend operation can dramatically affect e-business models and their ability to make strategic decisions.


We make it easy for you to lead, manage and execute best in class eCommerce initiatives to drive sales and provide a market competitive customer experience. We manage Dior image through effective demand planning, excellence in customer service and by providing the best possible eCommerce experience for our clients and customers.


We maintain a professional attitude in our work which perfectly makes us stand alone in Virtual Business. Our VAs plan efficiently and act professionally while communicating with client and are personal while working with teams with zero complaints


Growth in ecommerce is often considered in terms of revenue driven by marketing and sales. However, growth in product scope is an area that needs to be addressed. How will you introduce new, exciting products to your customers? Why would they buy from you rather than a larger, more unavoidably large reseller? Can you get them to come back and buy other merchandise after the first is purchased?

Hire An Experienced Ecommerce Virtual Assistant @ Just $5/Hr

REO Pricing

We at REYECOMOPS offer services at pocket-friendly prices and even let you customise as per the requirements because clients’ satisfaction is our first priority.

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