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About Data entry services

E-commerce is the extraordinarily advanced and easy way to do business but many small and medium business owners do not know the term and it can be explained as a model of business in which business operations are conducted over a network for eCommerce product data entry services.

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E-commerce offers following advantages:

  • E-commerce is the easiest way of doing business in the present scenario. You don’t need to be actually present at the selling point and still can be able to sell your products to a large number of sellers around the globe.
  • E-commerce offers low cost set up advantage over any other physical form of doing business.
  • E-commerce exposes the business to a large number of people.

With these, E-commerce has its limitations regarding:

  • With lot of product uploading on the internet, you need to work meticulously over it.
  • Lot of standards and norms have to be followed and kept in mind before doing it, as specified by the e-commerce sites.

So to grab the advantages and avoid the limitations, easiest way is to hire a general virtual assistant who would assist you in e-commerce product data entry services.

Here are the services we provide:

  • We direct the product information from the manufacturer’s website to other websites in a digital or physical form.
  • Writing product description
  • Adding product characteristics, features and specifications to the description.
  • Uploading images and themes for products
  • Categorising the products into their groups and subgroups.
  • Updating product information according to the new features.
  • Adding new products and removing the obsolete or older ones.

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