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About ecommerce product data entry

Businesses today are branched and vast. Numerous operations combine to form a business organization. Means a lot of activities need to be performed to run a business organization successfully. Since there are lot of operations that accrues to be performed, some of them are high value operations involving large investment, time and efforts. These are generally your core business competencies which generate high revenues for the businesses.

Others are routine activities which incur expenses, time and efforts but are not the core business activities. Such activities are best carried out by virtual assistants.


We, REYECOMOPS are a general virtual assistant company on which you can rely for your routine but important activities. We offer to provide the following services :

  • Fetching product information: we retrieve the product information from different sources.
  • Writing product descriptions: we write product specifications and descriptions in a clear, simple and alluring language.
  • Product uploading: we uploaded the list of products and sort and classify them according to the groups and subgroups.
  • Image uploading: we upload product images, edit them according to the norms and standards as specified by the e-commerce sites. We make the pictures appealing by adding effects so that the onlookers gets attracted towards the product.
  • Adding new products: we add to your existing list of products if new entrants are there.
  • Deleting the old ones: we remove the old, obsolete and unfashionable products from your product list to keep your list updated. It makes it possible for the visitors to find what they want to find by avoiding the chaos of many products which are now unavailable.

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