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About ecommerce startegies to help you reach more customer

E-commerce strategies to help you reach more customers

If you’re an eCommerce store owner this blog is for you. What-so-ever product or service you are selling here is some helpful advice to help you reach more customers and create a successful  E-commerce strategies.

Your online store will be capable of-
  • Easy to access on all devices (PC, Tablet, Mobile, etc).
  • Optimised for the search engines.
  • Providing the best customer experience.
  • Designed clearly & readable.

Here are two main components you should consider in your eCommerce digital strategy

The first is a responsive web design and the second is a mobile-friendly theme. To fulfil customers on the go needs share the content they favour because your target customers do so much on their phones including product researching and shopping.

As per Google, 75% of buyers prefers mobile-friendly website which makes them purchase more likely.

Most visited places of an online store are Store Homepage, Product pages and Product categories that’s why the UX strategy of these pages should be strong in order to grow conversion.

Other Strong key points to be considered in order to strengthen your  E-commerce strategies.

  1. Use High-Quality Images with the best product descriptions-

benifits of high quality images

To get more visitors and buyers you need high-quality product images is an important part of your digital strategy. Inside the Brick and Mortar world, one can touch and sense to understand the product, but here in the digital world buyers can’t touch the product their buying decision is dependent on product images and product reviews. Always consider showing good quality thumbnails in SERP will help users find the product they’re actually seeking and make them easy to understand how our product looks which turnouts in quick decision making.

Along with this, another important part is the product description. Keep your product                     description crisp and concisely. Create a comprehensive description, and mention every detail of your product e.g. features or benefits straight to the point. Try writing everything your target customer wants to know plus how your product will be the best suitable option for them. 

Few tips you can consider while writing the product descriptions- 

  • Create proper headlines
  • Consider doing keyword research for SEO purpose
  • Font size will be larger to improve readability
  • Provide real product Videos and images

If you need any help to perfect your product descriptions and images, you can get in touch.

2. Increase eCommerce Search Usability
ecommerce search usablity

If your website has the ability to track and analyze what your customer is searching for, you’ll probably be able to have effective navigation and search results.

To optimise your website UX consider these two-point to get better results.

Firstly design your website for those visitors who know what they want to buy. Secondly, design your website for those visitors who only want to browse.

Considering customers who know what they want to buy while designing helps customers find information exactly they’re looking for as quickly as possible. So many websites are selling similar products after availability and price its easiness and high performing search experience will be the key feature that customers will buy products from your website.

Use these points to boost conversion as your strategy.

  • Design of search field.
  • The behaviour of the search field.
  • Filtering and sorting 
  • Result layout and features

3. Focus on content consistency and uniqueness

Content is king we all have heard this because the content is actually the only key to getting your customers. In today’s world when the audience is ad fatigued, content is really helpful to get effective results. With a strong eCommerce content strategy 

If you understand your customer’s needs, wants, pain points, and even customer journey you’ll be able to attract more and more users. Once you’ll be successfully able to gather all this information next and the last step to using this information in your content in such a way that attracts your target audience.  Pro tips are to provide your audience Value and easiness to share. Also, create good looking content.

How? Few tips you can consider-

  1. Create headlines
  2. Use lists
  3. Use trendy topics
  4. Gifs and Memes
  5. Infographics
  6. checklists
4. Improve your social Media and Email Marketing strategy
social media and email marketing

Social media is another mode to get connected with your target audience by using content. Our social media strategy should be connected with your content strategy in terms of relevancy. The biggest Social Media Platforms such as InstagramTwitterFacebookLinkedin YouTube have billions of monthly active users which are interested in all niches including yours which is the power of social media.

Few things to consider while posting on social Media-

  1. Be Consistent
  2. Do not use copied content
  3. Do not Spam
  4. Use Videos
  5. Use both promotional as well as organic methods to grow.

Email Marketing- As per the studies about email marketing, it is proven that email marketing has the calibre of generating sales of 25% to 30%. Hence it is proven that if you are not using email marketing you are missing that part of the sales. Coming to the strategy must include sign up form and use a strong and convincing offering only in exchange for signing up few Examples and coupons, Presents, a free trial etc as per the interest of the customer. Another point to be considered is consent always use customer’s content for sending mail else your mail will be in the spam folder and will ruin your brand image.  

Few tips to consider –

  1. Start running a campaign even with one registered user.
  2. Create newsletter campaigns
  3. Ask for feedback
  4. Share helpful blogs, ebooks and videos etc.
  5. Share offers and discounts.
5. Optimise shopping cart 

Optimisation of shopping cart helps prevent customers from abandoning the cart for which you’ll ensure that your shopping cart function properly and is easy to use.

Keep yourself updated with the analytics to understand the performance to understand the weakness. Analyse the stages where customers tend to drop off and then prepare a strategy to improve them.

Few points to consider-

  1. Pay attention to the user journey
  2. Clear checkout pages
  3. keep the checkout process small

If you’re using eCommerce store platforms like Shopify, woo-commerce, Open cart, Bigcommerce, Wix, Magento. Try using tools and plugins to minimize the cart abandonment rate.

A few other points you can consider as part of an eCommerce strategy to reach more customers are implementing user-generated content, Building strong advertising strategies, creating personalised and unique landing pages, using A/B testing etc.


There are plenty of methods one can use to reach more customers as a part of your eCommerce strategy few are mentioned above. Using all 360-degree ideas to help you reach more and more customers and generate sales. 

To know more tips and tricks you can always get in touch. We help you with in-depth analysis and improvement in your strategies.