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Hire own your own virtual administrative assistant expert

With the success of a business, it comes all- lack of time and burden of tasks, that makes the life more of a mess and you spend your hours in accomplishing the extraneous activities rather than enjoying the achievements.

At such a point in your business, virtual assistants prove to be the greatest saviors.

What is a VA

A virtual assistant is a remote worker who can operate from anywhere in the world irrespective of the client’s location and handles the online tasks.

They are inexpensive solutions to your business problems as they are not the employees of your organisation and get paid only for the hours they work, unlike the employees who sometimes get paid even for the idle hours.

What you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant

  • Customer services: A Virtual Assistant can skillfully handle the task of answering client calls and solving customer grievances. VA excel at soft skills, hence are best solutions to customer services.
  • Social media management: virtual assistants can not only create your social media accounts but can also handle them in a way you want it to be. They post and upload content and images that publicize your products and services and also connects you with your customer base.
  • Store management: a virtual assistant handles the work of store and fulfills the tasks of order fulfillment, inventory management etc.
  • Travel management: a VA can absolutely free your mind from the worries of travel, tickets, and accommodation. They can arrange your tours to outstations in smooth manner, keeping the expenses inside your budget at the same time.
  • Calendar management: calendar management means scheduling your day in such a way that you can have those hours of your life back which you used to have before. We fix your  appointments with your clients and keep you reminding about your commitments.

How to hire your own virtual assistant

Not all the virtual assistants provide you your requisites. So you shall start with documenting your requirements from a virtual assistant and write a job description based on that. After that you should vet the VAs carefully, logically analysing their abilities so as to see whether they can fulfill the desideratum of your business and job.

We, REY ECOM OPS, offer a wide variety of services. We have a team of experts who excel at every sphere of technical and soft skills who would prove to be extremely suited for your organization. With our unmatched experience and expertise, you can take your business to heights of success.