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About how amazon virtual assistants can help elevate your business

How Amazon Virtual Assistants Can Help Elevate Your Business?

Entering in Ecommerce? Or already running an eCommerce business?

Amazon is always the first step or platform one can think about as an online store.

Setting up a store on Amazon is quite easy but its management is a challenging job for sellers.

This is why one should consider hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant.

Why Selling on Amazon?

Amazon is one of the most successful eCommerce platforms across the world.  Insider Intelligence forecasts that Amazon’s retail e-commerce sales worldwide will reach $729.76 billion in 2022, which means selling on amazon is a great opportunity to grow your business. Amazon avails a great opportunity to work with flexibility about how and when you want to work. One can easily make a six-figure if everything falls into place which happens only when you have a seasoned and trained professional to manage things.

What is an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

amazon VA

An amazon virtual assistant helps you or assists you in handling your amazon business virtually. A person who helps you keep your business running smoothly. Their main role is to manage your operations and boost your sales.

Amazon virtual assistants are varying as per their specializations, experiences knowledge and skills. 

Amazon Virtual Assistants can be hired contractual, part-time and full-time basis.

Hiring an Amazon Virtual assistant, is it really worth it?

  1. Saving effort and time for better tasks.
  2. Better conversion rate
  3. Lesser investment
  4. Peace of mind
‣ Saving effort and time for better tasks-

If you’re not investing your time in core business tasks you’re wasting your time. Time is Money and every brand owner knows this which is why it is essential to invest your time in more effective activities. To expand your business you need to put your time into tasks like devising effective solutions, organizing marketing campaigns and discovering audiences etc. For this, you can consider hiring a virtual assistant who can handle your basic task or task you think you are not good at.

‣ Better conversion rate-

With the help of an amazon virtual assistant, you can increase your conversion rate significantly. In order to get more traffic and conversions for your amazon store, you can hire an amazon virtual assistant, your Amazon VA will manage all our tasks like updating your listings, advertising your products, as well as promoting your products on other platforms like social media, etc. 

‣ Lesser Investment-

In terms of pricing also hiring a virtual assistant is more cheapest than hiring an in-house team for tasks. Apart from this, there are many other spendings you can save like office infrastructure, workspace, salary, travelling reimbursement and many other employee benefits. You just have to pay your VA’s as per the tasks they’ll handle and they’ll help you save a considerable amount of money for other crucial business tasks.

‣ Peace of mind-

The most important thing one should ever look your while working or running a business is peace of mind after delegating your tasks to the Amazon virtual assistant you won’t ever have to worry about managing your amazon store or any other relatable task. Your Amazon virtual assistant will take care of your 360-degree tasks like product listing management, inventory management, order processing, PPC, customer service etc. 

What can an Amazon Virtual Assistant do for you?

Amazon Virtual Assistant

An amazon expert can perform several different tasks. Here’s a list of the most common tasks you can delegate to an amazon virtual assistant

  • Product Listings 
  • Product Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Order Processing
  • Amazon PPC
  • Keyword Research
  • Customer enquiry/services
  • Design & Editing
  • Competitor analysis
Product Listing Management

Amazon product listing focuses on the product title, description, keywords, image quality, Summary content, product page layout, and preparing the best of them. To optimize your amazon store and keep up with the growing market, you have to refine your amazon listings regularly but you also have to focus on sales which makes handling tasks a hassle. To avoid such hassle you can choose professional Amazon VA’s who are specialized with granular details of products listing method and procedure. An amazon virtual assistant will be familiar with amazon‘s SEO and the Product listing optimisation process. The Amazon Virtual Assistant can manage the updation of amazon product listings regularly and ensure growing search results if you want good conversion and want to keep yourself ahead of the competition.

Product Management

Product Management means finding, designing, building and managing the right stuff to sell. If you want to manage products successfully it will take a mix of a few skills like customer obsession, analytical ability and the ability to manage a big database. An Amazon virtual assistant is familiar with managing products considering such insights. So If you want to set up a store over amazon Seller central or vendor central, Amazon experts/virtual assistants will help you manage 360-degree activities of account management. For example, Managing product descriptions, Managing titles, Keyword research, Key features, Product SEO, Product image editing etc.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is a time taking process plus you need to keep the track of the availability of products and no doubt out of stock products always left a bad impact on your brand.

A trained and experienced virtual assistant will help you revise the stock and make your orders handled in a smooth way and enables you to manage your inventory effortlessly. 

Order Processing

Order processing is the process of handling orders smoothly and making an easy and hassle-free process for customers which might be a task that needs someone’s expertise because it’s a long process as an Amazon Virtual Assistant will be aware of key elements of order processing like billing, tracking or adding important billing documents like warranty card, managing exchange or replace and return and many other small and important activities. An Amazon Virtual Assistant will keep track of all activities to make it easy and simple.

Pay per click

Amazon Seller central & vendor central Advertisement PPC Management, Sponsored Ads/Headline Ads/Display Ads are the three major and most common ad types to choose from. In order to grow your sales and generate revenue, Amazon advertisement is a considerable option. An Amazon Virtual Assistant can help you reach out to a wider and more targeted audience with ample analysis of marketing campaigns.

keyword Research

Keyword Research is one of the major practices that help to improve the visibility of products and ranking. An Amazon virtual assistant who is a specialist will help you grow your product’s rank by optimizing your product content with the target keywords by following amazon’s A9 algorithm to Grow the visibility more as compared to the competitors.

Customer Service

In the case of customer care support, you need to get yourself available 24/7 to help and assist the customers with an Amazon virtual assistant who will provide 24/7assistance and help you meet the result and satisfaction. Amazon virtual assistant also helps resolve 360-degree queries like problems while completing the process, Questions related to product delivery, return, and refund. What so ever is the query will ensure resolving under time with satisfaction. You can choose them on an hourly, weekly and monthly basis and decide their pricing accordingly as well.

Design & Editing

Everyone knows better marketing starts with eye-pleasing content and in the case of amazon product images play a vital role in creating an impact and closing the sales. An amazon virtual assistant will help you in clicking images, and designing and editing images with their remarkable skills. Apart from this, you can also choose just image improvement services by Amazon VA to improve the quality and appearance you can easily choose an Amazon VA as per their roles for product image services.

Competitor Analysis

By choosing a virtual assistant for competitor analysis the first benefit will be you’ll be considerably able to do cost-cutting of man-hour, second derive the best result and save time. As a brand owner if you are facing a time crunch to personally handle competitor analysis then must consider hiring an amazon virtual assistant.