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Through the report of jungle scout, there are some top items which sell on Amazon


Raincoats this longstyle raincoat will keep you dry during spring shower months and can be utilized for different open activities. The rain jacket is compact, lightweight, and foldable, making it simple to carry around in all seasons. 
. 3007% increase in revenue 
. searches for ‘raincoats’ are up to 65%

seasonal wise mugs and gift– the tumbler is a good and unique gift for every occasion.  
This bottle is made of a safe stainless-steel material that is used for food. It doesn’t have any harmful BPA substances in its parts. It can keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 9 hours. The cap doesn’t let any liquid leak, and the lid is clear so you can easily see inside. You can carry it around without any trouble.  
. 1,375% increase in revenue 

. Searches for ‘Mother’s Day’ are up 334% 

seasonal wise mugs and gift
Cinco de mayo party décor

Cinco de mayo party décor– you can search vast variety of décor on Amazon to help you set the tone. Instead, you’re planning a large celebration of Cinco de mayo or a more familiar social gathering. These color full Decorative centerpieces easily transform any space into a lively fiesta. 
. 1,183% increase in revenue  

. Searches for ‘Cinco de mayo party decorations’ are up 125% 

Rubber boots When it rains a lot in April, it usually means that flowers will bloom in May. However, it’s important to be ready for the rainy season. These good-quality rubber boots can be worn by both men and women. They are made to keep your feet dry in the rain, and they have a special surface that prevents slipping, so you can walk safely on wet and slippery surfaces. These boots will make sure you feel comfortable and stay protected when it’s wet outside. 
1,070% increase in revenue 

Searches for ‘ankle rain boots waterproof’ are up 119% 

Necklaces During this time of year, there are many joyous occasions to celebrate, such as graduations, proms, and Mother’s Day. As a result, an increasing number of shoppers are choosing Amazon as their go-to destination for purchasing jewelry. 

748% increase in revenue 

Searches for ‘women’s jewelry trendy’ are up 262% 

oversized camping chair As summer approaches, people are starting to make plans for camping trips and engaging in outdoor activities. This is why there has been a rise in sales and searches for camping accessories this month. Shoppers are eager to get a head start on their summer shopping and ensure they have all the necessary gear for their upcoming adventures. 
546% increase in revenue 
Searches for ‘camping essentials’ are up 174%.

oversized camping chair
waterproof playing card

waterproof playing card More and more outdoor enthusiasts who love camping, boating, or going to the beach are showing a growing interest in waterproof card decks. These special cards are made to be used in tough outdoor environments, so they are very strong and won’t get damaged by water. You can keep playing your favorite card games even if there’s water around, without any concerns about ruining the cards. 
386% increase in revenue 

Searches for ‘waterproof playing cards for pool’ are up 91% 

Artificial grassesMore and more people are opting for artificial grass as a landscaping solution because of its rising popularity. It offers a low-maintenance and long-lasting option for those who want an attractive yard. With artificial grass, there’s no need to water or mow it, and it stays green and vibrant throughout the year. This trend is expected to keep growing as people prioritize convenience and sustainability in maintaining their outdoor spaces. 
313% increase in revenue 

Searches for ‘artificial turf grass outdoor’ are up 175%


You can buy pretty much anything on Amazon. With more than 12 million or many more products on the platform, it’s easy to access the largest online retail store worldwide. In fact, eMarketer reports that Amazon holds nearly half of the entire eCommerce market in the United States, edging out retail giant Walmart and eCommerce marketplace eBay. 

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