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About virtual entry assistant

In a business organization, many functions need to be performed ranging from capital procurement to dividend distribution. Amongst these, some are the core competencies of a business organization and others are just allied to the core activities and still are imperative to the business organization. These other functions which are not the primary activities of the business entity are time consuming and tedious. If thought analytically, the time which is consumed in doing these can be efficiently and effectively used in performing the core competencies of a business. Some of these minor yet significant activities are data adaptation and conversion, entering data from one source to another, processing your vital data. Performing these needs lot of time and energy so the most ideal way of saving them is to delegate these activities to a virtual data entry assistant.


Now, do you want to hire one? Then REY ECOM OPS is your destination. You can hire Virtual Assistant Services from REY ECOM OPS at affordable and inexpensive prices. Once you hire one, you need not worry about your data entry functions as we perform all those activities which a full-time in-house assistant would perform.

Hiring from us has several benefits:

  • We have an extensive experience and expertise in data entry services so we assure accurate and timely performance. With so much of experience we have gained an all-embracing trait so we can work irrespective of the nature, type and size of setup you have.
  • We approach everything in a professional manner and possess the ability to manage every small and large task. We are highly coordinated in our activities.
  • By hiring us, you help yourself reduce your operational and administrative cost. If you hire us, the cost will work out three times lesser than what it would come for an in-house assistant.
  • You attain a work and perk balance by collaborating with us. Overburden of work spares no time for pleasure. So by assigning some of your duties to us would facilitate a work life balance to you.
  • You can hire virtual assistant in a very simple and effortless manner. In other words we follow simple procedures to make you available what you need.

Contact us to hire a virtual assistant as per your need and requisite. We are here to provide you all the data entry services you call for.