Virtual Marketing Assistants (SEO)

Marketing is the crucial component to a business’s success whether it is a large organization or a medium one or even a small entity. Marketing defines your brand, labels your business, helps you get sales leads and even increases the perceptibility of your business on online platforms.

Getting all those imperative tasks done by a virtual marketing assistant is an unsurpassed yet effortless way for you and your business entity. When on one side your business will be growing by its increased visibility on social and online platforms, you can benefit from a virtual marketing assistant’s extensive and inexhaustible expertise and experience on the other side.

We, REYECOMOPS, as your Virtual marketing assistant will work with you to help your business attain the marketing objectives and to execute and accomplish your marketing initiatives, tasks and ventures. We can lend a hand in a variety of marketing services:


We offer affordable but world-class SEO services to our clients. We understand the importance and essence of related, relevant and targeted traffic to a website and we are committed and devoted to providing such services to our clients. You can ensure maximum visibility of your website and the best yielding traffic diverted towards it if you join hands with us.

Email Marketing

We manage your email accounts in such a way that you get easy access to your promotional and important emails without any hustle and bustle. Also, it includes sending replies to your clients that you may not manage to do as time is always a limitation.

Social Media Management

We augment your social media presence by uploading audios and videos that create a loyal customer and fan base. Social media presence is a major driving force of a venture’s success in the contemporary business world and we facilitate the same to you in an absolutely painless way.

Content Writing and Blogging

We have an extensive experience in content writing hence you need not worry about it as we are here to cover this service for you. We compose educational and informative content for your blog post and rich and crisp content for your websites.


  • Online advertising
  • Proofreading and editing
  • Internet research and report
  • Contact database management
  • Website content preparation

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