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A business is all in all a result of the idea of its promoter and its success is the result of the loyalty and trust shown by its customers. It is important for a businessman to retain the existing customers and in addition to that, increasing the number of new customers. However, if  20% of the total customers are the old ones and rest 80% are the new ones, then it is always seen that the 80% revenue or business is given by the existing customers and the rest 20% revenue is generated by the new customers, moreover the existing customers or the warm leads are those who reacts positively towards any novelty of the business. So retaining the old, existing warm leads is the bigger task than generating and talking to cold leads or the new customers. Since every customer needs attention and aspires to be satisfied, it is not much easy of the tasks to keep the warm leads as warm forever. It needs a lot of efforts to be put in.

Virtual Sales Assistant | Reyecomops

Also every company has an employee working in this respective area but virtual sales assistant is a better way out for the problem. First, a virtual assistant gets paid for the exact number of hours for which he has worked but an employee by default gets paid for even his downtimes and ideal hours. Second, a virtual assistant comes with his own equipment and infrastructure so you don’t have to get them arranged. Third, he is extremely qualified and proficient in this area.

We, REY ECOM OPS, provide all CRM functions that we have talked about. Our services include everything from appraising the existing customers about the new and upcoming products to query handling.

Our way of working is as follows:

  • We take the notes and lists about the customers and log them into your CRM software.
  • We assist in your sales reports.
  • We keep follow-ups at regular time intervals after talking to the cold leads.
  • We take the feedback and lodge them into the CRM.
  • Query handling for the cold and warm leads.
  • We schedule calls for the sales team and organize their workings.
  • We conduct research on old and new customers.

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