Administrative VA

Today is the era of outsourcing. Business organizations perform the core activities while outsourcing the rest to the Administrative VA.

REYECOMOPS facilitate following services:

  • Email management: we sort emails of high importance and urgent attention from those of lower importance.
  • Schedule management: we prepare your schedule according to the your available time and presence.
  • Cold calls: calling your prospective customers so that they know about your future offers.
  • Basic customer service: this includes query solution, providing information and attending calls.
  • Create, send and track invoices: we create, stick and track invoices hence facilitating fast and accurate repayment of your invoices.
  • News consolidation: we consolidate news and latest happenings so that you remain updated with the concurrent happenings in the business world.
  • File management: we manage your files by keeping records.
  • CRM: this means keeping an updated database of client information so that you know the latest changes in the client information like address etc. This helps in closing deals and maintaining relations with your clients.

You need all or some of the above services to be done for your business?? Call us today to have us at your assistance.

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