About step by step guide to becoming a seller on amazon

Step by Step Guide to becoming a seller on Amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer. It is also a place for sellers to list their products and make them available to shoppers.

The success of Amazon as an e-commerce company has led many people to wonder if they can do the same on Amazon. This article will help you get started with your journey of selling products on Amazon and help you understand how it all works.

Amazon is one of the most popular websites in the world with more than half of US households shopping on Amazon at least once a month. In order to become an Amazon seller, you need to register as a seller and list your product.

There are two types of sellers on Amazon.

1. Individual seller 

2.Professional Seller

To become an individual seller, you need to register as a seller and list your product on their website. To become a professional seller, you need to have an EIN or SSN for tax purposes and have at least one year of history in business or have at least $25,000 in annual sales from other channels outside of Amazon.

Amazon is one of the top eCommerce platforms with the maximum audience. Selling on Amazon needs perfection and you need granular information to become an Amazon seller

Register as a seller on amazon.

The first and basic step is to create. Registration involves choosing one of two plans amazon offers for sellers – Individual and Professional.  In the case of an individual account, you don’t need to pay anything but the features are less. 

On the other hand, a professional account gives you features far more than an individual plan but has a $39.99/month fee. 

Both programs include additional selling fees beyond this per-product listing charge. If your selling units are 40+ UNITS per month then a professional seller account is recommended and an individual account for less. 

List your products

In order to showcase your products on Amazon, you need to list your products on the Amazon portal. Creating a successful product listing includes multiple practices like Creating highly optimized and SEO-friendly relevant product descriptions and clear and high-resolution images. Now you need to create your product listing considering the above points to get good results. By using the seller central dashboard you need to add products and prices to your listing. 

You can either do listing manually or choose the bulk listing option. Pro sellers always use the option of bulk listing to save time. For the bulk listing, you need to create the product data file of amazon in excel and save it as a .csv file. You’ll find the option to upload it to Amazon Seller Dashboard. Using bulk upload makes your work easy and saves time.

Set up Amazon FBA or create a shipping plan

You need to choose the shipping option. Under Amazon, there are two options FBM and FBA. You can use Fulfilment by Amazon to sell products as FBA is a better option than FBM. In FBA you can ship your product to amazon and amazon will keep the stock. In fact, you can sell to Amazon then Amazon will keep your products in their warehouse and sell it to end buyers. Amazon FBA has additional fees apart from seller fees. Another advantage of using FBA is you’ll be eligible for prime listing. And Amazon Prime has its own benefits. Amazon takes care of everything packaging, shipping  


Market your product and start selling

After finishing the listing of your products you need to market your products. Amazon is extremely crowded as thousands of sellers registered their products on Amazon. To grow and earn as a seller you need to stand out among millions of merchants. A few steps to follow to market and promote your products, Optimise your listing with SEO,  Run product ads, Use social media to share listings, and Run competitor analysis. A perfect marketing strategy helps you sell your product with ease.

We need to follow a few simple steps as mentioned above to sell on Amazon along with these basic requirements of documents such as PAN Card, and GSTIN number to sell on amazon

Final Thought-

In short, when It comes to product research you need to find a product that can be sold with a high turnover rate and fits the suitable market.

Now find a supplier by either contacting retailers or wholesalers, and even you could make your own products to sell.

After creating an account successfully, the next step is to set up product listings by either adding items manually or choosing bulk upload of products.

Then create a shipping plan by either choosing FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) or FBM (Fulfilment by Merchant).

If you want to sell on Amazon or any other platform, eligibility criteria are the same for all the eCommerce platforms, we provide eCommerce services in case of any queries and doubt feel free to get in touch.