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What if you have dispatched the shipment once and sent it to Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) reconciliation, and then your stock unit got lost or any kind of discrepancies are found. In this case you have to investigate the reason for the discrepancies and also need to get the reimbursement, which could be a task. These discrepancies and misplacement can incur loss to your business.  As you need to submit documentation regarding the product and its delivery, lost as a proof and also reconcile the products. The process of reconciliation can be confusing and time taking. 

    FBA shipment

    We here at REY ECOM OPS provide Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA) reconciliation services for the modern day entrepreneurs to ease the process of reconciliation. We with the help of our team compare, calculate and track the stock sent and also apply for the stock correction in case of any discrepancies. FBA reconciliation is a process of matching and comparing the FBA shipments with the Work Orders, to keep an account of your stock unit. Reconciliation of your FBA shipment is important and efficient in order to keep an account of your Work Orders. 

    Our VA’s reconcile your shipment and provide accurate assessment and record of your entire shipment to FBA. If any inaccuracy and mismatch is found, they will report these discrepancies and work on to investigate the lost or damaged unit. After the initiated case of loss or damage of an item is sent to Amazon, they will refund or reimburse for lost and damage. We will provide detailed information about the discrepancies and track the status of your shipment and its reimbursement in case of any damage.

    Some common shipment discrepancies are:
    FBA shipment
    • Loss of a product, sent for shipment.
    • Damage of the inventory after sending it to the FBA.
    • Misplacement of the inventory in the FBA shipment warehouse. 
    • Discrepancy in the quantity of the units received and quantity shipped.
    • Discrepancy during delivery or return of the order.
    Task our VA will do to assist you in reconciling your FBA shipment
    • We will send an action required  message to Amazon about the discrepancies of the stock unit for shipment.
    • Track the status of the shipment stock or the products in order. We will ensure that the products sent for shipment are safely received by FBA.
    • Investigate the discrepancies and loss of the shipment units. 
    • Submit the case to FBA regarding the same. 
    • After receiving the response of FBA regarding the loss of the shipment units, our VA’s will claim for the reimbursement.
    • Notify you regarding the claim and reimbursement. 
    • Upload all the proof documents regarding ownership and delivery of the product.
    • Double check the details of the product and the documentation uploaded.

    Amazon is one the largest ecommerce platforms with a large number of customer base, the chances of discrepancies are high, so reconciliation of the shipment units become an important task for the entrepreneurs for accurate records of the stock. Tracking and reconciliation of the shipment reduces or protects the business from the loss incurred from the loss or damage of the products. You also have to be careful and attentive while creating a case for the claim, as every procedure, documentation and details should be in place and accurate. As, reconciliation of FBA shipment is a tedious and time consuming task, so our VA’s  will do most of your work on the FBA shipment reconciliation and also notify you regarding the status of your product.