Ecommerce Virtual Assistant | Amazon Expert VA | Data Entry Assistant is a general merchandise retailer offering productions in multiple categories like groceries, clothing shoes, accessories, home decor, garden, furniture etc. Target plus Marketplace is one of the top marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc that caters to third-party retailers/brand owners. Target plus platform offer exclusive partnerships. With the third party retailers. has the goal to provide the best product to their loyal customer with broad access to products by partnering with best in class brands.

    Grow your business at Target Plus Marketplace with Rey Ecom Ops

    Rey Ecom Ops offers Target Marketplace Account Management services to help brand owners leverage target plus marketplace with the help of our specialised VA team and position your products among a larger audience scope.

    With a history of handling clients across the world, Our E-commerce Virtual Assistants came a long way to serve with speed and perfection. If you’re looking to break into Target Plus then Rey Ecom Ops is the right place for you. 

    Target Marketplace Account Management Services

    Product Listing ManagementRey Ecom Ops product listing services include Creating SKUs, Titles and Product descriptions, Web page content, Listing important information such as price, colour, weight, size, etc. Updating price details including discounted price, MRP, sale price, coupon price, etc.

    SEO Optimisation – Our Rey Ecom Ops expert VA’s will perform extensively keyword research and search volume analysis to grow your product’s organic visit. We use a result-oriented Target Marketplace SEO strategy to drive more clicks, conversion & reviews.

    Creating creative description –Our creative eCommerce VA’s will help you empower your product by writing quality descriptions and compelling product copies. Our eCommerce product description writer makes the description scannable for better assimilation.

    Product Image Editing – At Rey Ecom Ops, eCommerce photo editing services operate in a way that your product images will be optimised well, with quality. we deliver sales-focused product image editing services.

    Target Sponsored Product Ad Campaigns – We at Rey Ecom Ops deliver a spectrum of Target ads management services to home depot sellers across the world. With our expertise in keeping the relevance in Keywords and bidding. By creating an Effecting campaign our expert VA’s will boost your product and helps your increase visibility, drive more engagement and sales.

    Inventory and Order Regulation – Rey Ecom Ops Va’s will help you revise the stock and make your orders handled in a smooth way. Our Rey Ecom Ops Va’s enables you to manage your stocks & orders effortlessly.