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Considering the current growth of Walmart Marketplace one should definitely consider selling on Walmart. ReyEcomOps will help you with the best strategies to manage and grow your account. As a brand owner, it is necessary to find the best possible methods to grow the revenue by promoting and selling your products and services

    We Can Help You With

      Product Listing

    Product Management


    ReyEcomOps Walmart product listing includes Creating SKUs, Titles and Product descriptions, Web page content, Listing important information such as price, colour, weight, size, etc. Updating price details including discounted price, MRP, sale price, coupon price, etc. Product image optimization as per the guidelines of Walmart Putting products under the right categories and sub-categories Providing complete product features Optimizing the products for search engines, EDI compliance, Sales tax codes.



    If you want to set up a store over Walmart our experts/Virtual Assistants will help you manage 360-degree activities of account management.

    For example, managing product description, product SEO, Product image editing etc.

    Inventory Management

    Order Processing


    Our ReyEcomOps will also help in keeping yourself updated about your product availability, which means our VAs will take charge of letting you know whether your stock is running low or going to be out of stock.


    Order processing is the process of handling orders smoothly and makes an easy and hassle-free process for customers. Here at Reyecomops our VA’s will keep track of all activities to make it easy and simple.


    Keyword Research


    Walmart advertising/ PPC Management helps you grow your revenue our professional VAs will help you generate maximum ROI for your business.



    Keyword Research is one of the major practices that help to improve the visibility of products and ranking. Our specialists will help you grow your product’s rank by optimising your product content with the target keywords.


    Customer Enquiry/Services


    Our VAs will respond to customer enquires and use the best possible way to satisfy and fulfil the customer’s needs.