Houzz Product Data Listing Services

Houzz marketplace is the biggest retail marketplace for selling home decor and home remodelling items. So don’t miss out on it if you are a merchant selling home remodelling items.

Houzz marketplace is the best place to be, whether you are a subcontractor seeking clients who need some construction work to be done, or you are an interior designer looking for clients with floor restructuring needs or much more. Houzz offers a great deal of exposure as almost 40 million people visit this site to look for the best home decor, home redesigning, home remodelling ideas and deals.

Who should use Houzz.com for listing their products or services

The following companies and organisations should go for Houzz product listing services:

  • Companies selling home decor items, home improvement items for bedroom, bathroom, dining etc
  • Retailers and manufacturers selling home decor items.
  • Kitchen contractors
  • Bathroom remodelling
  • Real estate firms and building developers
  • Lawn and sprinkler companies
  • Photographers
  • Design schools and organisations
  • Furniture designers

How REYECOMOPS can help you list your products and services on Houzz.com

REYECOMOPS will help you in listing your product details, creating product titles, creative product description writing. We also make sure that details are correct, accurate and adhere to the norms and guidelines.

  • Creating your profile: your profile is basically the idea of what you are and what you serve to your clients. We ensure that all your details including postal address, phone numbers and website are correct so that your clients may contact you as and when they want.
  • Uploading a portfolio: to create an image among the customers you need to upload high-quality images and work samples. We help you in showcasing your products.
  • Creating tags: tags are nothing but some meaningful words through which customers can search your products and images such as “wooden” or “glass top”.
  • Sharing idea books: we will help you generate your idea book showing different projects that you have worked on. This will help you collaborate with other people in the market.

How REYECOMOPS can help you increase your brand exposure on Houzz

We help you upload quality images of your products. We create keyword-rich product titles and descriptions so that your products are the first ones to be searched and opened. Detailed product information to help the customers make the right and informed decision. We also upload many good customer reviews.