eBay Seller VA

Its not very easy managing the online business on eBay. You need to pay attention on aspects such as inventory management and order processing. A businessman alone cannot carry out such jobs as such activities need eBay seller VA expertise and experience.

So there’s where we come to assist you. REYECOMOPS are here to provide you with such tasks so that you can have an edge over your competitors. We can perform the following functions:

  • Order and inventory management: our eBay seller VA can help you with tracking your orders and inventory level. Do you ever want to run out of inventory? Obviously no!! So we take care that your inventory is always on a standard level and your suppliers are committed to completion of orders.
  • Customer service: customer services comprise of taking orders, fulfilling them, giving replacements and taking returns, answering the query calls. These all functions need to be carried out without defaults because customers satisfaction is the most important thing for a business.
  • Documentation and reporting: we prepare reports and do necessary documentation for you.
  • Promotion: we will promote your business by writing blogs and creating contacts on social media.
  • Product and market research: we will conduct research for you so as to provide you with important information regarding the trends and competitors, like what your competitors are selling and at what prices. This way you know whether your products are rightly priced or not.
  • Also, we provide content writing services and SEO optimization services.

Since business needs differ from business to business. Hence we have different training modules for our VAs. You tell us your specifications and we will match them with one of our VAs.

All we focus on is the effortless way of business for organizations. Call us today for further information and queries.

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