Marketplace Product Listing Product Listing Solution is the new entrant in the e-commerce market which has picked up so fast that it has already defeated many strong and established marketplaces. has moved up at fourth level in terms of generating GMV (gross marchandise Value).

InteList: API for product integration with

To import your product feed to, you need to have an API. REYECOMOPS has collaborated with the programmers at to help the retailers interact with this platform.

Also some successful operations has been done to mark the successful implementation.

Advance Your Marketplace Strategy with Jet Product Listing Optimization from REYECOMOPS.

It is required to post accurate, precise, useful information on jet so that the customers there don’t find it unambiguous.

Since we know the standards followed by jet and we also know the importance of getting product listing done accurately for you. REYECOMOPS are here, to assist you in every way.

Jet Product Upload/Product Listing Management on

  • Merchant SKU: it is the unique identification number that merchants use to identify products.
  • Unique IDs: unique ID for each product is necessary. It may count manufacturers part, product code or brand for the cause.
  • Product title: it means a short description of the product describing its features.
  • Product price:  average pricing of the product.
  • Inventory: it means quantity of stock available in a specific fulfillment time.

The above mentioned fields are required to be filled while listing on, If you are listing a brand new product. But if it is an existing product you want to list, then you are recommended to fill some additional fields, although it is not compulsory.

Additional information required, if not on catalog:

  • Jet brose node id: unique id to find your products on jet.
  • Product description: a detailed description ranging from 1500 words to 2000 words.
  • Product image: product image uploading ensuring bright and clear product display meeting all the norms set by jet.
  • Package dimensions: height, breadth and lenght of the package in shippable form.
  • Shipping weight: weight of the shippable contents.

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