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General virtual assistant
General Virtual Assistants are godsend to ensure business growth, augmentation, proficiency and scalability in operations, more balance in work and life. GVAs are skilled collaborative partners of your business who take up all the accounting and administrative tasks that hamper your ways of conducting business in a hassle free manner or distract you from your core competencies. We, the GVAs are self employed connoisseurs of administrative, creative, and technical services who serve our multiple clients from a remote location; also we work on different projects according to the specifications provided by our clients. Why GVAs? “Every successful individual knows that his or her achievement depends on community of persons working together”-Paul Ryan. The above saying holds good for the business entities also. A business entity that takes up everything to perform on its own can end up doing nothing for the core business purpose. While overburdening the business with responsibilities may prove to be damaging and risky, outsourcing the same may result in convenience and flourishing of the organization. Business entities need to ponder over some points:
  • Do you want access to best talents?
  • Do you want to reduce operational, labor cost?
  • Do you want a reduced workload?
  • Do you want to improve your online presence?
  • Do you want qualitative yet affordable services?
  • Do you want strengthening of your weak areas?
If your answer to the above points is YES, then you should go for hiring virtual assistants for your organization. Tasks to outsource to a GVA: Business organizations can rely on the GVAs for the following tasks:
  • Data entry- Provide the charge of assembling the data and filling your spreadsheets to us as we will update your data entries with perseverance and commitment.
  • Email management- Enable us to administer your email id so that you can nab promotional emails without delay.
  • Social media marketing- Increase the visibility of your offered products and services by charging us with the responsibility of posting your videos.
  • Content writing- Enhance the eminence of your articles and blog content by collaborating with us as we are endowed with expertise in writing and well-researched content for your website.
  • Online marketing- Get superior leads for your business and form a strong customer base by utilizing our profound insight on online marketing.
  • Market research- Gain competitive advantage over your rivals by making use of our methodical, detailed, thorough and highly organized research reports.
REY ECOM OPS as your GVA: We Rey Ecom Ops, are a small team of e-commerce specialists having a wide vision and mission to cater to the emerging needs of modern business organizations. We are committed to set up an unperturbed business E-business industry. We congregate the erudition of our team and implement it as per your needs. While you are suffering with understaffing and overstrain, we REY ECOM OPS are here to be of assistance to you in your operational tasks such as product listing administration, store fronts management, inventory management, order management, product optimization, product description and other allied activities. We are presently working with USA and UK based clients and helping them reducing their operational cost upto 70%.