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About responsibilities of virtual office assistant

By the easiest definition, a virtual office assistant is an independent, offshore individual or company or an association of persons who provide creative, technical, operational and administrative services in form of a contract worker. He deals with both the ordinary and extraordinary business responsibilities that come in the course of business. We REY ECOM OPS as your virtual office assistant provide many services that can be listed below:

Managing customer and client contact list and spreadsheets: we manage your customer and client contact list and spreadsheets by continuously adding your leads into the list so that you may contact your customers on a real time basis. This service facilitates long term benefits to our clients as consumer satisfaction is ensured.

Handling clients on phones and email: we get in touch with your clients if you are bit busy with your core responsibilities. We solve their problems and handle their enquiries in skilled manner so that they may maintain a long time relationship with your organisation.

Send out demanded and required information to clients:  we also send requested information to our clients regarding your services or products so that they feel updated and connected with your organisation.

Maintaining a calendar and setting up meetings: we maintain your calendar and schedule according to which you can plan your days. You can perform all the tasks in a planned way hence, saving your time and energy that you can utilise in other business related activities. This helps in saving you from the last minute hassle and the risk of skipping the appointments.

Making travel arrangements: we can book flights and accommodation for your outstation visits. You just travel and work leaving all other responsibilities of bookings on us. We assure best arrangements in low prices.

Maintaining of books of accounts and billing: you may just worry about selling your products leaving the worry of recording them in the books and billing on us. We have our team of experts to handle the counter and books for you.

Prepare and send out emails and newsletters: we prepare and send out newsletters and wishing notes to our customers. They include thankyou notes etc. Newsletters contain the recent information of your organisation’s new ventures etc.


The above list of services is an inclusive one and you may contact us to know more of our varied services.