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about walmart

About Walmart

Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores, and grocery stores. It was founded by Sam Walton in 1962 and incorporated on October 31, 1969. Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue, as well as the largest private employer in the world. Walmart is also a member of the Fortune 500 list and one of the largest family-owned businesses in the United States. As of January 31, 2018, Walmart has 11,695 stores and clubs around the world under 65 banners in 28 countries and eCommerce websites in 11 countries. 

The company operates under two brands: Walmart for some locations within its North American market and Sam’s Club for other locations within its North American market as well as its South American markets, its Asda in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and its Best Price in Brazil. The David H. Koch Theater is a performance venue in New York City that primarily hosts dance, music and opera. It was named for David H. Koch, co-owner of the theatre’s corporate parent, the Lincoln Center for Performing Arts. 

Ranking second after Amazon.

As a business or as a retailer you need to follow all the practices to attract more audience to sell more products and earn more revenue. As mentioned above Walmart is ranking second above Amazon, so one can definitely consider selling on Walmart.

Reasons why should you be considering selling on Walmart:
  1. Don’t need to pay monthly fees.
  2. Get access to free 2-day shipping
  3. Use Walmart Fulfillment Services
  4. Outsource fulfilment to a Walmart-approved partner
  5. Leverage the brand power of Walmart
  6. Reach more leads.
  7. Build trust and authority
  8. Access to analytics tools
  9. Walmart Marketplace is Continuously Growing.
Don’t need to pay monthly fees

There is no account fee at Walmart, however on other platforms like Amazon, and eBay you have to pay monthly fees like $39 or more every month. This is one of the biggest perks of selling on the Walmart marketplace.

Instead of paying a monthly fee, you’ll be paying a referral fee. Referral fees vary from 6 to 15 per cent, it basically depends on the type of product you’ll be selling.  

To sell on other marketplaces you need to pay monthly fees to keep your product listed on their site and in addition to that, you have to pay referral fees too.

Get access to free 2-day shipping

Walmart offers a Two-day shipping tag to their sellers which is exactly the amazon prime badge on Amazon seller central. With this tag, shoppers will get fast shipping, and get more visibility. You’ll find products with a 2-day shipping tag highlighted in the bold green tag to make it easy to find and shop through them.

Eligibility criteria to qualify for free 2- Day shipping

To get yourself qualify you need to meet the criteria 

  1. On-time shipping >95%
  2. On-time delivery >95%
  3. Valid tracking rates >95%
  4. Low cancel rate <1.5%

Along with these, you should have a solid return policy and strong customer support, you must have been with Walmart as a seller for at least 90 days or should have fulfilled a minimum of 100 orders. 

Another bonus is if you’ll use DELIVERR services for your fulfilment, you’ll be automatically qualified for 2-Day shipping. 

The benefit of 2-day shipping is you’ll get a huge opportunity to grow your revenue as only a few sellers on the marketplace are registered in the 2-Day shipping program.

Use Walmart Fulfillment Services

Just like FBA in Amazon, Walmart offers fulfilment services known as Walmart fulfilment services (WFS). This program helps merchants to make their fulfilment easier. Just like Amazon, at Walmart too Sellers can also send their inventory to Walmart’s fulfilment centers for secure storage and shipping.

The benefits of WMS are as under:

  1. 2-day shipping – Through WMS, as a seller, you’ll get fast delivery, easy returns, and quality customer service by getting 2- day shipping on their products.
  2. Simple cost structure – WFS uses simple pricing and no hidden cost in Walmart includes fixed monthly fees for storage which depends on product weight alone.
  3. Easy tracking- You can easily get the full view of what you’ve in stock, how many orders you’ve got and which order is delivered. through easy to read dashboard. In short, WMS offers easy to inventory, order and shipment tracking.
  4. WMS offer personalized business support- Walmart fulfilment services offer personalized support for your business in which Walmart provides your customer care services, and helps sellers manage all customers’ enquiries, even refund and returns. Also, merchants can get help directly from the Walmart call center to resolve their queries.
  1. Increased product visibility- when sellers use WFS services they’ll get Walmart 2days tags and also gain higher rankings and buy box prominence.
Outsource fulfilment to a Walmart-approved partner

Walmart allows sellers to use multiple shipping methods for example Deliverr. As per Walmart minimum spent required is $ 1,000 per campaign but if you use there is no minimum spend required. This helps sellers to promote their products at a low cost and grow revenue. 

Sponsored products in Walmart use the CPC model which is the common ad. Here at Walmart, you can decide which listing to promote. Plus point is using Deliverr and paid ads both result in more orders, easy fulfilment and customer satisfaction. You’ll find Sponsored Products in two ways in the marketplace:

For example, individual products have a “Sponsored Product” flag on them:

Same with sponsored ads like 2-day shipping, Walmart does not use sponsored ads on their own products. So if as a seller you’re using sponsored products you’ll be just competing with third-party sellers. In sponsored ads, the process is you’ll bid on keywords as per your niche so that your end buyers will search for products and easily explore your product related to their search more the sponsored products pop up appears. 

Benefits of sponsored products and outsourced fulfilment:

  1. Increased reach.
  2. Easy and stress-free fulfilment and shipping. 
  3. Easy management and service.
  4. Easy cost-per-click method.
Leverage the brand power of Walmart

As a brand or new brand, whether you resale or manufacture products you will definitely decide to enter the eCommerce world. So when you first start eCommerce you need to build brand recognition for the development of a loyal customer base. You can simply as a beginner build your brand by using Walmart.

Walmart is a famous marketplace and established brand with more than 110 million unique visitors. In 2016, Walmart opened their doors to third-party sellers to sell its products and grow its customer base.

So once you’ll be done as an approved seller on Walmart. You’ll grow much more easily in less time and at less cost. And there’s a benefit of selling on Walmart is your product listing will look like Walmart’s listing. The only difference will be your listing include a few information like seller information, contact information and return policy.

When you sell on Walmart you’ll get some other benefits too like you might get qualify for special programs by Walmart for example, the Walmart protection plan. Get the automatically built reputation and trust by selling on Walmart.

Reach more leads

Walmartis the platform which provides a two-day delivery service without prime. You’ll get the benefit of the two-day program as some of the buyers don’t want to pay for prime but want two-day shipping. People can get the benefit of two-day shipping without paying extra and you can get more leads. You can get these kinds of leads only by selling your products on Walmart. 

Only Walmart can provide you with this great opportunity to generate more products.

Build trust and authority

Walmartis a trusted company and marketplace, which is why people buy with confidence with this platform. Walmart is a well-established and well-known trustworthy brand with the best customer service. They will handle all the issues that will impact purchases. 

This is why when you sell your products through Walmart you will get that trust and authority as people who purchase will think that your product is sold through Walmart. So your products have been through a proper quality check. 

Access to analytics tools

Walmart account helps you keep the track of your success. With the help of the Walmart analytics tool, you’ll be able to monitor your performance and understand how leads are finding your products. These analytics help you improve your product listing not just on Walmart but also on other marketplaces. 

This analytics tool helps you build a powerful campaign. You can understand the changes required whether it is a picture clarity or subcategory. This also helps you boost your conversion for your business.

Walmart Marketplace is Continuously Growing

Walmart is the second-most biggest marketplace its sales grew year over year. 

As the sellers are increasing from other countries. Walmart expanded the marketplace in the month of March by removing the previous US-only restriction. The figure is growing day by day and month by month, and it will soon include 1,000 sellers monthly.

Start selling on Walmart today and grow your business!