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About Virtual admin support

Every business needs some administrative tasks to be performed which at a later stage become the backbone of the business. These are important for large businesses, medium businesses and even the smaller ones. These tasks are those without which a business cannot be run and so are very important and decisive in the success of the organization.

We REY ECOM OPS have developed ourselves in rendering virtual administrative services to entrepreneurs and helping them out resolve their administrative problems according to their needs. Administrative needs of every business differ from one another according to their nature and size and we are committed to provide them their desired services.

Virtual Admin Support | Reyecomops

We provide following services to you:

Mailings: We can assist you in creating and designing and managing your mails. This is an important marketing tool that can be effectively used to create a loyal clients’ base. Our service includes preparing invitations, thank you letters, holiday cards, promotional material and newsletters. You can help yourself save time and energy by delegating these services to us.

Word processing: word processing comprises of creation and formation of a document so as to make it look professional. Documents include newsletters, cover letters, resumes etc on which we also can provide you suggestions as to the content.

Email management: We can manage your email account with complete proficiency. We keep a check on the inbox and remove the spam and junks, follow a consistent reply policy and inform you about the urgent mails.

Spreadsheets: We create and present your raw data into spreadsheets and make the available spreadsheets look presentable by formatting and customizing them.

Calendar management: We help you save and organize your time by keeping a schedule of upcoming events that may be of interest to you. We keep track of your appointments and send you continuous reminders of them so that you don’t miss on them.

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