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About Virtual assistant services

Virtual assistant is a term which is buzzing around more and more nowadays in the business world. But few of the small and medium business’ owners know about the term in a detailed and accurate manner. So what the term means? Here is the detailed description.

A businessman has a lot of things to do in a business. There is not enough time to do even a single task if he takes up everything to do on his own so he organises his tasks and delegates less important things to his employees or subordinates. Delegation is the most structured way of getting things done. Now, a virtual assistant is someone who is not present in the office hierarchy but is present in the business hierarchy in a modern business environment.

Virtual Assistant Services | reyecomops

So, a virtual assistant is a remote offshore expert who deals with the routine administrative activities of an entity so that you can free up some of your time that was earlier getting utilized in those jobs. You can use the freed-up time to concentrate on your core business competencies or to spend quality moments with friends and family.


We, REY ECOM OPS are a team of expert virtual assistants who would provide services for your comfort and convenience in a way you need and wish. We specialise in all sorts of administrative works of a business entity and hold experience of many meticulous years.

Our Services

  • Data entry We offer data entry services in terms of entering data into databases, creating lists of products and customers and uploading them into the system.
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping Services – No more you need to pay an employee to get bookkeeping done. What you need to do is just hire us as your VA to get your accounting needs fulfilled in a timely and apt manner.
  • Website management – We help you create and develop a standardized and appealing website. A good website is essential to increase the number of views and likes.
  • SEO- Search engine optimisation is very important as it helps you boost the google page ranking of your website. We help you optimise your website by creating effective keyword-rich content.
  • Content writing and blogging- We have an expert team of writers who specialise in creating and writing content for you. Publishing informative content and posts on blogs help you get exposure to a number of readers and clients.

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Our team, coupled with zeal and desire to assist you, would like to answer your questions and queries. So feel free to contact us.