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“Virtual E-Commerce”- this term has been bustling around for a while now so here we go and elucidate the term. An E-Commerce virtual assistant is nothing a remote worker who does a plenty of tasks relating to E-Commerce business. An emblematic virtual E-Commerce assistant like us can perform product entry, product data entry, product description writing, product image editing, catalog content management, E-Commerce back office support and other innumerable activities.


It is an arduous and strenuous task to run an E-Commerce business because running business is not the only thing that the businessman has to do but there are several other demanding and grueling tasks like updating the products, adding new products, updating the prices, managing promotions, handling shipping, providing customer support- the list is endless.

A business cannot succeed if even one of the above tasks is not performed with integrity and veracity so apparently no compromises can be made. Thus it is better for the business organizations to do what they are best at that is, running, augmenting and boosting up the business and business related revenue generating activities and outsourcing all other routine, administrative and expending activities to the virtual assistants.

There are certain benefits of hiring an E-Commerce virtual assistant:

  • Business organizations can save plenty of time which can further be used in planning and executing core business activities.
  • It is a flexible and convenient option for even the employees.
  • Companies can save human resources related responsibilities and taxes as well.
  • It is a pay per use kind of service best suitable for small E-Commerce businesses.


We, REY ECOM OPS are a small managed team of E-Commerce experts, who are carrying a wide object of setting up an unperturbed business environment. While you focus on more strategic aspects of your business, we as a virtual assistant are here to be of assistance in your administrative and customary tasks.

To get you started, here are some of the tasks that you can outsource to us:

  • Customer Service: It’s a time consuming job to keep your customers contented but is more imperative than anything. But the same is not a mind-numbing matter if you collaborate with us. We answer customer questions via phone, live chat, email and on social media. We handle dissatisfied customers with dexterity, deal with shipments that are lost and more.
  • Order Processing: We compile the orders; send customer invoices to your drop-ship vendors and shipping companies and other allied tasks.
  • Returns/exchanges: We manage the returns and exchange of products for you. We commune directly with the customers and suppliers via email to set up product returns, exchanges and refunds.
  • Manage Inventory: We check your stock levels, update your website to display the stock your suppliers have on-hand and in their warehouses, and let you know when you need to replenish certain products.
  • Order Products: We can work with your suppliers, send invoices to accounts payable and handle getting stock into your warehouse or anywhere else it needs to be.
  • Website Maintenance: We update web pages if you make any changes to your prices, services, add or subtract products, or even add new team members. We also add the latest news about your business.