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About Virtual salesperson can help your business

Everywhere we see the salesperson selling the products by influencing the buyers about them, by boasting about their characteristics and qualities. However, not every time the clients or the shoppers are interested in what they tell or sell, especially when they are in a hurry or want to avoid the spiel. Moreover, the real persons may get tired of doing the repetitive task of presentations and may not possess that level of diligence. In such a situation, the most advanced and ultramodern solution is hiring a virtual salesperson.

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What is virtual sales person?

Virtual sales person is a ‘non real’ employee of the company or store that helps shoppers to purchase the products by providing product info and specifications and urging them towards new products.

Though these are non real, these are controlled, organized and prepared by real persons.

How does it operate?

It is done using the latest rear projection holographic technology where a real person is video graphed delivering a presentation. The film is then rear projected onto an acrylic cut out. The cut out used is such that its body shape matches with that of the real person delivering the presentation, resulting in the formation of a semi 3-D image.

The person appears to be holding promotional leaflets, or the latest launched products such as the mobile phones, laptops, tablets.

What they do

  • They diligently deliver the promotional presentations, offering the greatest advantage over the human beings. The tiredness of human beings is a disadvantage for promotion which is conquered by a virtual salesperson.
  • They proficiently deliver your message and advertisement repeatedly.
  • Strengthen your repo as a possessor of technological savoir-faire.

We, REY ECOM OPS, help you with this futuristic technology which is absolutely up to date and ultramodern.

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