Virtual Assistant Bookkeeping Services

Virtual Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping is one of the crucial activities in a business that helps in almost everything. There are a lot of things in a business that requires bookkeeping as its base such as:

  • Comparing company sales of consecutive months or quarters or years.
  • To know your business’ yearly turnover.
  • To know the balances of your debtors and creditors so as to receive dues and make payments respectively.
  • To know the yearly profit at the year end.
  • To know the value of assets and liabilities of your business.
  • To know the correct financial position of the business at the end of the year.
  • To make a comparison between the performance of competitors and yours.

So we see that bookkeeping is the essence of the business. If we continue running a business organisation without recording the transactions or maintaining the books it can be said that all the efforts  that have been put in building and running the entity are in vain. Obviously if a conclusion of profit and loss can’t be made, the prime objective of business is said to be unfulfilled.

What is virtual bookkeeping services?

Every organisation employs one or more workers for bookkeeping but the new trend is to outsource it from a remote virtual assistant who carries out bookkeeping services for you after you provide your business information to it.

Why virtual assistant?

  • Hiring a virtual assistant is a cost efficient way of getting things done.
  • You need not to train your virtual assistant as you do in case of an employee as virtual assistant is an expert in its field who performs his tasks with absolute aptness.
  • You can trust your virtual assistant in terms of confidentiality.
  • A virtual assistant is completely accountable for the tasks you assign to it.

REY ECOM OPS as your Bookkeeping assistant

We, REY ECOM OPS, are providers of bookkeeping services and we excel in this task. We ensure proficiency in our working and accountability in our practice.

We hold expertise and experience in bookkeeping and have a retrospective goodwill in the industry.

Our services

  • Maintaining invoices and tracking the transactions.
  • Preparing journal and general ledgers.
  • Maintaining account receivables and account payables.
  • Entering and paying bills on time and avoiding any late penalties.
  • Processing and preparing payroll.
  • Preparation of bank reconciliation statement and credit card reconciliation statement.
  • Projecting cash flow statements and ratio analysis.
  • Computation of profit and loss and preparing balance sheet.

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