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What's Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content refers to listing product descriptions, which helps sellers to partake in their brand’s story with features of an enhanced image and video content. Using similar content allows merchants to change the product description of their branded ASINs( Amazon Standard Identification Number) with the help of texts and embedded videos in product descriptions.

Using A+ Content, you can dive into features with specialized specs, relative product information, and added effective content including images, videos, or product setup.

How to produce A+ Content on Amazon?

To produce A+ Content listings, you need to choose a professional selling plan and need to be approved as a brand proprietor through the Amazon Brand Registry process. Once you have been approved, you’ll only be able to add A+ Content to produce that is part of your approved brand list. Below is the process for producing A+ Content on Amazon.

  1. Log in to your Seller Central account. make sure you’re brand registered before going further. 
  1. Go to Advertising and select A+ Content Manager. 

 3. On the A+ Content Manager page, select start creating A+ Content’. Once you select it, you’ll discover a template that needs to be filled as a part of your A+ Content 

  • Self-service modules 
  • Amazon builds for you

4. Despite that, you’ll be diverted to a page where you’ll have to enter the ASIN that you want to use the content for If you click on ‘Self-service modules ’. also, you’ll need to make your layout and content. 

5. Even so, ’ you’ll be diverted to a page where all you’ve got to do is upload your text and images, If you click on ‘ Amazon builds for you. 

6. Once you’ve chosen, design the layout and upload your content including images. Check the preview and click on the finish button.

Benefits of A+ Content

Please to different shopping styles 

Some guests read each paragraph to understand every detail while others watch videos and check images for a general overview. Images and videos offer a quick impression and appeal to guests.

 Makes a stronger print 

Among the numerous product lists, your products will stand out depending on your content and graphics. 

 Creates a full digital shopping experience 

A+ Content provides accounts with a clear understanding of the product, which can only be explored virtually. Adding appealing content and illustrations refine customer experience and lead to increased business, high conversion rates, and better reviews.

The foremost step towards creating A+ Content listings is enrolling your business with Amazon GlobalSelling.However, seasoned exporter or founder of a brand, you can export from India in an easy and simple way with Amazon Global Selling, If you’re a dealer. Once you’ve registered and chosen the international commerce you want to list on, you can use A+ Content to further your brand’s reach and meet your business objectives.

What Does Amazon A+ Content Consist Of?

 An A+ content page will include assorted, multiple images of a product, which includes product photographs shot in close-ups, different angles, and other live shots. 

 Precise, info, and yet short intro of the product. This could be within 100 words or lesser. 

 Clear and appealing list of bullet points, where every line makes a strike on the buyer and explains the benefits. 

 Crisp paragraphs with clear, scannable titles, which explain further the product feature, specifications, and benefits. 

 A section called “ What’s in the box, ” lists all the product’s factors so that a buyer is mindful of what he or she’s buying. 

 Apart from the above, other essentials include 360 ° product views, a matrix( comparison chart), and videos for cross-selling the items within the product familyC

Amazon A+ Content Best Practices

The guidelines for utilizing A+ content are straight and simple. thus, you shouldn’t have any issues in meeting the eligibility conditions. Having said that, moving one step ahead of the requirements and also, optimizing your A+ content is definitely where you’ll feel that pressure of staying above other Amazon sellers.

 So, here’s what you need to do :

1. Highlight your USP  begin by asking yourself a really simple question – what’s my product’s USP( Unique Selling Point)? 

Once you get the response, write this down on paper and ask yourself two further questions – what are the major benefits of using my product? And How can my product help clients in their day-to-day lives? 

 Keep in mind that “ features” and “ uses” aren’t the same. Though “ features ” are important, “ uses ” are something that will drive feelings. And when emotions raise, they drive purchases.

 2. Keep the content crisp and short

Indeed anon-skimmer won’t want to struggle by reading through that lot of text just to figure out if your product is right for his or her needs. So, stick to small and yet precise content, which will tell shoppers snappily about the product and make the right buying decision.

 Also, make sure that you start by adding the A+ content to the highest-selling products first. Use this point where the chance of getting a profit is high. Another read what are the most popular products to retail on Amazon?

 3.Combine texts and images

Of course, high-quality images are useful in changeovers, but you can verily do a lot more by adding some intriguing texts, which feature your product’s benefits or features. Adding this is a skillful approach, especially for skimmers who are searching for specific information than your content pieces. 

4. Influence your product reviews

Reviews written by your buyers hold great value, and you shouldn’t underrate them. Before creating an A+ content read through your buyer’s reviews and indeed the ones posted on your competitors ’ products offering a much similar product like yours. Doing this will give you a better picture of the type of content your consumers want the most.

5. Avoid content faults 

Use of some special characters and symbols is not allowed while creating A+ content – this includes the copyright, registered trademark, and registered brand symbols. In addition, you can not insert a hyperlink to any other website( still, you can include a link to any ASIN within the module type).

 6. Pay concentration to the image size and resolution

To avoid “ disapproval ” from Amazon, make sure that your images are uploaded with the right resolution and size. Note that the image requirements are different, grounded on the module type you choose. So, read through their conditions completely.

7.Use banners wisely 

Banners are one of the best ways to separate your product’s detail page. In fact, it shows it as a new segment to the buyer, attracts the buyer with HD images, and gives additional information about the brand & product. 

Using the banner maker tool from Adobe Express, you can produce a veritably high-quality banner image. 

8. Proofread your content before submitting

As said over, Amazon takes up to 7 days to confirm your content. still, generally, they do it significantly quicker than that. So, assure that proofread your content before submitting it. For some reason, if your A+ page is published and afterward, you find that there’s a grammar mistake, you’ll submit the page again. Now, this means that your fault runs live for a week.

 9. Keep it less textual and more visual

 Content should be more captivating and this means, that you should add a lot of illustrations and lesser text. The text should be in simple terms and must spread the message directly to a buyer. Also, maintain a proper balance of lifestyle product photographs. a real product photograph, an attribute that highlights the ASIN.

10. Keep your designs steady

 Now, here’s something significant for you to observe. The biggest takeaway is that you don’t want to aim only for one landing page. rather, it’s for the entire product list and this is something you should no way fail to overlook. 

You’re A+ content must be consistent throughout the layout. It should represent your brand’s extension as well as your website. Suppose of it as a big picture and the way you want to picture your brand as an entire.


Without a question, creating A+ content for your product catalogs is one of the ideal ways to capture additional attention from buyers and drive the deals up. This is, in fact, the perfect way to differentiate yourself from your competitors and convert additional buyers. All it takes is the right knowledge and skill.